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Pix4D Hosted Workshops

 I personally have attended the Pix4D Training Workshops. I was using Pix4D for  the prior  three months at the time of my attendance. Overall, the workshop was informative. However, due to the broad nature of their courses, it lacked the content and detail that is necessary to acquire survey-grade data.  Frankly, I didn’t learn anything applicable to aerial mapping that I did not already know. Less than satisfactory training has become too common in fields of emerging technology. Course instructors know how to teach their students the theory of how to implement new instruments, but they lack real world experience. 

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Hands-On Training

Hands-on training is invaluable when learning to implement new technology into your workflow. In my opinion, the best way to do this is by doing a job from start to finish. I’ll come to your office (anywhere in the United States), and we’ll do a project together. Remove the theory and hypotheticals from your training and begin implementing.

Depending on your starting knowledge, I recommend spending a few hours reviewing the concepts and technology behind drone imagery. We’ll analyze the recommended job parameters you will want to exceed on each of your projects. From there, we’ll dig into a local project near you. We’ll review the site, verify it is safe to fly, plan our flights, upload our data to our field controller, and then fly the project.

Next we’ll review our data and begin the processing in Pix4D. We’ll go through each step to make sure you understand fully what you will be doing when I’m not there. Now that we have some data to work with, we’ll go over how to quality check and enhance its accuracy. Finally, we’ll extract the data and deliverables for our project. This can be done in Pix4D, or in point cloud software, such as Leica Cyclone or CloudCompare. Utilizing these additional titles can provide extraordinary tools to extract the data you will need on your projects.

The depth of this training will consume at least 2-3 days. If utilizing CloudCompare or Cyclone, it can easily span an additional 1 to 2 days. Although this training is lengthy, I know you will be able to confidently implement these new tools into your workflow immediately.


Hands-On Pix4D Training

 Step by step training that will allow you to immediately incorporate drone technology into your current workflows.

Custom Built Workstations

Processing sUAS captured data is very resource intensive. I can help you select and setup a Dell or HP system to suit your needs. Alternatively, I can custom build a workstation that will exceed anything you can buy on the market. 


Expand Your Company

Branching into drone technology for the first time? Not a problem. We’ll setup your drone together, acquire the necessary software and workstation and go through all of the training necessary to implement your new technology immediately.  

sUAS Consulting

Need help planning, performing, or processing a job? We can discuss your project, and I can assist you remotely.



Paul – LS | Senior Survey and CAD Coordinator

In the time we had (a few long days), Jim was able to teach and explain Cyclone and Pix4D with such expertise.  This is something that we see a lot of firms with the products even struggle with and Jim has such a strong handle on it.  We personally, have been struggling with Pix4D for the last year trying to figure out the correct settings to produce good results.  Jim was able to not only teach myself the procedures and settings we needed to produce good results on our test job, but he also went over the other scenarios and program settings and explained when and why we would use them.   After the Pix4D process we went into Cyclone and reviewed the program and features that would allow us to produce the accurate topo we would need.   Overall, this was a great 3 days of training and I would recommend it to anyone. 

Thank you again and it’s great to work with you.

About Me

James Quirin – FAA Certified 

Reality Capture Manager

I’m the Reality Capture Manager for the Land Surveying Firm: Vargo Associates. We have been in business for over 25 years – serving public and private clients in New Jersey, Delaware, and Pennsylvania. I am in charge of our sUAS and Laser Scanning Program. I spend every day either acquiring data or processing it. This allows me to constantly improve myself and master a workflow that is as efficient as it is accurate.


Why Train With Me?

Like you, the job I perform requires accuracy and efficiency. I understand firsthand the struggle companies go through when learning to use new instruments. Emerging technologies can accomplish projects that you just can’t feasibly capture conventionally. However, integrating them into your current workflow can be a challenge, and project due dates are often not forgiving. 

I have the field, office, and technical knowledge to bring your company up to speed. I’ve personally built every  workstation we use in our office and perform all of our IT related tasks. I can also assist you with your Laser Scanning Program and mastering Leica Cyclone.

I know you will not only be able to implement your drone program, but you will be confident in the results you are acquiring. 


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